4 Key Importance Of Maintenance In Fleet Management

A fleet of vehicles is only as good as the state in which the vehicles are. There are those who are only interested in making money from their fleet without giving a thought as to the state of the fleet and if the vehicle is fit for purpose. While it is true that businesses exist to make profit, such profit should be derived in an ethical and sustainable manner. Except the fleet owner is only in the business to make some quick money and get out, they should be bothered about the state of their fleet. Proper fleet maintenance is important not only for the benefit of the customers but also for the company as a whole.

Ideally, vehicles on the fleet should go for routine log book servicing. This should happen irrespective of the age of the car. While it may seem like a complete waste of time and resources to send vehicles for routine maintenance, there are many benefits that can be gotten from doing so. Some of these benefits may not immediately benefit the fleet owner but in the long term they all help to make the business profitable and sustainable.

Safety is important

Over the years, the issue of safety has gradually taken center stage in the running of businesses. It is no longer only necessary for businesses to make a profit but to do so in a safe manner. Safety has become so important that businesses now pride themselves on the number of hours they operate without any safety issues. Safety is especially important for businesses that run fleets as there are always safety implications for vehicles on the road. To help ensure safety, fleet vehicles should be properly maintained. While this is not a guarantee there will be no unfortunate incident, it helps reduce the likelihood of such incidents happening. Apart from making sure vehicles are in the best of shape, it is also necessary to educate those who use the said vehicles on safety. Even the most well maintained vehicle will be unsafe in the hands of a poorly trained driver. Visit this link http://www.pulsemechanics.com.au/#!hurstville/c29f if you are looking for mobile mechanic in Hurstville.

Customer satisfaction

The only way your business can stay relevant is if you can manage to keep your customers happy. Once a customer places and order that involves the use of one of your vehicles, they are only interested in getting their goods or services delivered as expected. No customer is really interested and in knowing the problems you are having with your fleet. That is the why excuses like broken down vehicles are not what a customer wants to hear. As far as the customer is concerned, they came to you because they assumed you are a professional in your field and you should be able to deliver as expected. Of course, you should be able to deliver if you bother to ensure that your fleet is properly maintained.

Less expenditure

When your fleet is properly maintained, there is less likelihood of failed deliveries due to roadside breakdowns. It is costly to maintain vehicles at an acceptable level but such cost will easily skyrocket if a lot of such maintenance is done by the roadside. First of all there is the cost of delay as well as the cost of looking for a roadside mechanic to intervene. Additionally, delay can be expensive as it could result in cancelled orders or spoiled goods.

Environmental concerns

It would be hard to turn on the radio or television these days without coming across news about environmental protection. There is a growing concern about the level of environmental degradation going on. There is evidence that shows that vehicles make a huge contribution to such degradation. In fact such effect on the environment is multiplied many folds once proper maintenance is not insured. Then again, there may be tax implications.Fleet business can be very rewarding but only if the owner or manager make it a duty to ensure that fleet vehicles are at their best at all times. Apart from the fact that poorly maintained vehicles are a safety hazard, they most often results in lost business.


4 Tips To Clean Your Car Effectively

Cleaning of your car is a task that must get performed almost weekly in case you actually wish to make your car shine brightly and to stay looking great for a long duration. Since cleaning of your car usually takes a good amount of time when you do it by hand, below mentioned are some easy and quick ways to be able to clean the gunk and dirt without needing to spend several hours toiling them away.

Rinse your car perfectly: It is a task that is simple enough and it involves use of a pipe to make sure that your car get rinsed and washed properly. And when it is said that every part of the car should get wet, it really means every single part, as it is very important to rinse your car effectively. Get into crevices and to the wheel wells as these are the places usually where salt and dirt can accumulate if it is left alone. Spray water on wheels and, if it is possible to reach under your car, you should spray that down also.

Get buckets. Fill one bucket with the liquid soap for car washing and fill other bucket with clean water. Since car cleaning will also include getting particulates on wash mitt, you might wish to clean mitt with clean water prior to putting it in soap once again. In such a way, you will not get any kind of microscopic scratches in the paint of car and your car would appear better for several years to come.

Allow the soap to soak: After wiping your entire car, allow the soap to soak in it. If you wish you may also go to the car once again with the new bucket fill with water and soap, but it is optional. Once the soap is soaked in a bit and it not yet dried, rinse off your car once again with clean water. Other important thing to do is to wash the wheels of your car with approved wheel cleaner that ensures clean and shiny look.

Dry your car: The easiest method to dry off your car is of getting the squeegee and get over the car one single time. When primary water is wiped off, you can also get terry cloths and move over the vehicle once again. It will keep water from ruining and spotting the paint.

Once it is done, you may allow your car to get air dry, you can keep it in the driveway, or else you can even put it in your garage. It is suggested that allowing your car to dry fully for about one hour as otherwise the leftover water might end up flapping up on the car and making it dirty.