Tips For Energy Efficient Air Conditioning

Energy efficiency is a key facet of air conditioning as air conditioning consumes a lot of power. It can increase your electricity bill in the short run and result in amassing high bills in the long run. You must follow some important tricks on how you could conserve electricity at your organization or residential home.

Turn off the air conditioning
You must turn off the air conditioning during cool periods to cut down on energy consumption as air conditioning can increase your bill cost. You can turn it off and open doors and windows to allow natural ventilation to get in. You can use portable fans to draw in cool air from the outside which allows the room to get cooler faster. In a car, this method is rather difficult as a mobile car air conditioning system has no ventilation systems, unless you roll down the windows in the hot weather. Try to conserve your petrol or battery usage by staying indoors more or by rolling down the windows at night too.

Use a dehumidifier
A dehumidifier in the basement area of your home or office can prevent the excess moisture found in the atmosphere from seeping into your particular work space or home unit. You must however make sure that the dehumidifier isn’t used for long as it can suck out the moisture from your skin! You can visit this great site for more of great auto electrician.

Use a warmer thermostat
You can utilize a higher thermostat setting function during peak times or when the area is not in use. This could ensure a reduction in power by at least 15 percent but you must use a setting of 75 to 85 degrees.

Avoid heat build up
You must avoid heat buildup during hot time periods of the day by trying to cool these areas down. You can cool it down by turning the controls of the settings on your air conditioning. However, you must start on it early and cool the particular areas slowly before they are being used. This strategy can ensure coolness at all times. A mobile car air conditioning system would have the same concerns as a normal air conditioner, it conserves power, and so, you must try to keep the car cool by covering it with reflective sheets when not in use to prevent heat buildup when you use the car. You must also avoid black cars as they absorb more heat than usual.

Avoid outdoorsy activities (hot periods)
You must avoid outdoorsy activities during hot periods where humidity is at its utmost high. This can create chaos in your internal systems as your parasympathetic system tries to cool you off. The excessive use of air-conditioning is more during hot periods. Relax, take a dip in the pool and eat a cold ice-cream!

Cover or shade the area during the hot season
You must draw the covers or window blinds to reduce the outdoor heat. The heat can be reflected through double paned glass or sunscreens, plants, fences or even next door buildings. You must make sure that heat is reflected off your area and is not absorbed. Paint your walls a pastel shade. This can keep your room naturally cooler reducing the need for an air conditioning.
Remember to check on your air conditioner and make sure it’s working optimally. You must utilize these easy ways of conserving power in order to avoid hefty air conditioning bills that could leave a dent in your wallet.